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Show co-produced by HYPE, Mauricio de Sousa Produções (MSP) and Globoplay.

Let’s Play follows Monica, Cebolinha (Jimmy Five in the English version), Magali (Maggy), Cascão (Smudge) and Milena as they explore the world through games and experiments, with lots of music and fun. Their adventures are always under the watchful and astute eye of the rabbit Sansão (Samson), Monica’s inseparable companion. 

I worked in the 1st season as a storyboard artist. In the 2nd season, I worked as a storyboard artist in 4 episodes and then I took over as storyboard supervisor in the last 3 months of production (2021-2023)


          clip from season 1 episode 22 "The Giant" (2022)

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